Garden Box

A friend at work gave me the idea to use cedar pickets as a really economical way to build a garden box.
I ran and spent all of $12 on lumber.

At this point I just wanted to see how cheap I could do it.  The 2×2 was on the 70% off rack so it cost next to nothing otherwise I would have used something stronger.
Chopped everything up.

I already had some stain so decided to add some flare.

I thought caps on top of each upright would give them a nice substantial look.  What I initially imagined would look good didn’t work out so well functionally.  The sides seemed like they would bow as soon as I filled it with dirt.

I sturdied it up with a rail around the top.

I got mulch from our community compost and mixed it with some garden soil and topsoil.

I had not previously grown a garden because I didn’t think I would want to take the time to stand out in the heat and water it every day.  Harbor Freight has great prices on hose manifolds so I UX’d the irrigation then buried the system.  At the flick of a single switch each plant gets direct water that’s throttled by valves on the manifolds.