Support Our Troops Poker Run

I wanted to help promote this event so I started by editing together some footage I had on DVDs from past years.  I ended up with a short action packed teaser.

I went on to create a Squarespace website to share information about the event.  The Support Our Troops Poker Run site went live in November 2014 and had over 20,000 views by January 2015.  It evolved from being a simple schedule into being the place for attendees to go for rules, registration, and a place to promote the sponsors.

In order to promote the site and the event I created a 1/3 page ad that ran in LO Profile Magazine, a large-format , pearl-coated finish publication.

magazine ad

The event draws over 200 attendees and it has raised well over $100,000 to date for the charities.

In this project, I created the user’s entire journey from finding out about the run in a magazine to registering for it online and then using a mobile app (Lakefront at LOTO) to facilitate participation.  It was a fun and successful creation for sure and it made me realize that taking the time to really think through the end to end experience of something like this is a lot of fun.