Raspberry Pi Project

The power supply for the media center PC that I’d been using for the past few years quit.  I’d been wanting to check out XBMC because everyone raves about the great experience. This was a good time to consider building a machine with enough umph to meet the XBMC specs.  After doing a little research I found that I could run a version of XBMC on a Raspberry Pi which would cost little more than a new power supply for my ancient machine.  The path forward was clear.

It’s a 16GB 3.0 stick, Raspbmc is running the Bello skin, the files are coming over WiFi, I’m using Yatse Remote to control it, and it’s packaged in a case I cut out of plexiglass and put together with some cool looking hardware.

The pieces:
pi pieces

Finished product:

Pretty impressive hardware and learning a little about 10 Foot UI was a lot of fun.