Coat Locker

Coat Locker

We needed a solution to the mess of coats hanging in our entry way. After touring some newly built homes my wife and I decided that a coat locker was the answer.

I drew up some rough plans and got started.  I milled all the joints with a table saw dado set, they’re glued, I pre-drilled countersunk holes, and screwed everything together with 2″ wood screws.

I built the top and bottom separately to make it easier for me to handle during the install.

I decided to use beadboard for the back to pay homage to the farmhouse style from which the mudroom locker is derived.

The bench top is pine, stained with dark mahogany, and sealed with three coats of polyurethane which I sanded with 220 grit between coats. The sweetheart of the project.

I removed the existing baseboard before installation in order to give the piece a built-in look.

I used pocket hole joinery to marry the top and base.

After I got it installed I ripped down pine 1x boards for trim and added crown molding, which I pre-planned to align with the top of the door trim.

Finally I installed the baseboard, base shoe, and hooks.

I hadn’t built a piece of furniture since high school shop class so it was a fun challenge. My plans were basically napkin-drawing fidelity. If I had it to do over again I would take the time to use Sketchup or at least drafting-level fidelity drawings because it would have saved some head scratching time in the garage where it was really cold most of the time. It came out nice and it should serve its purpose well for years to come.