Physical Creations


I designed, engineered, and built a second story deck for my house.  I spent a lot of time researching building codes, considering safety, and thinking about how to physically pull off some of the steps without help.

To help wrap my head around the project I needed to visualize the final product.  I learned to use Sketchup to create a 3D model.  The wood-colored portion was existing and the white is the new addition.

The model proved to be very helpful to me in figuring out how to tie the two together and deal with a head clearance challenge above the existing staircase.

I started in late October so I was not able to work on it much in the evenings due to lack of light.

While looking at pictures along the way I decided to put the decking on an angle and frame it.  I routed the ends of each deck board so it has a nice finished look.

Construction ended up taking about 6 weekends of 10ish hour days.

We’ve since gotten a new propane firepit and furniture set.  I’m currently toying with some accent lighting and will eventually under deck it and add flood lights for the yard.  It’s been a great addition to the house.